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In 2003 Cláudia Villax started a family organic farming project that gave rise to the production of organic olive oil. After the success of the book Da Horta para a Mesa, in 2013, he now returns to the theme of land and organic farming with A Vida Virgem Extra, where he reveals the adventure that has been producing organic olive oil.

In this work, he conveys the knowledge he has acquired over the last 14 years about olive oil, the essence of the food we eat; teaches how to buy olive oil, how it is produced, what benefits it brings to our health; demystifies the myths surrounding it, etc. And it challenges us to try countless recipes that can be made from olive oil.
Some delight our palate and stomach, others to learn how to take care of our body and hair.

Come on and fall in love with olive oil again.
One of the best superfoods that is good for your health!


Cláudia Villax worked for economy newspapers and leisure magazines.
In 2003, she was invited to be part of the founding team of an innovative project, the magazines Blue - Living, Travel and Cooking.
In 2009, he created the image and launched the brand of a Portuguese chef.
After this experience, he began to dedicate himself to his greatest passions ever: family, food, creativity, photography and design.
Currently, and with her husband, she is dedicated to the production of organic olive oil Azeitona Verde.
Together, he runs Food, People & Design, which creates concepts for cookery books, foodstyling and food photography, and A Sociedade, a gastronomic creative workshop, in Lisbon, a place where food combines with environmental protection and creativity.
For his strong beliefs in the defense of the Earth and its biodiversity, he received an honorable mention for the campaign Adopt a millennial biological olive tree, idealized to warn about what was happening with traditional Portuguese olive groves and local varieties.
She is the author of the books Da Horta para a Mesa and Brunch, both awarded with Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the categories best vegetarian book, the first, best design and best cookbook, the second.

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